Automatic Cooling Bed


An automatic cooling bed comprises of two units : Double channel bar receiving mechanism and Dynamic rack cooling bed.

A double channel bar receiving mechanism collects TMT bars from cooling boxes after sheared by flying shear in two threads. This channel is made from CI central box, water quenched to prevent warp during rolling. The C- type channels that are suspended from a longitudinal structural ensure are closed to prevent exit of bars and protect the operator.

Cam shaft and follower rollers open and close these channels. After receiving each bar, the bar is directed to a fixed CI straightening rack mechanism from where it is carried by dynamic rack method.  The double channel mechanism is followed throughout the length of the cooling bed.

Rack type cooling bed design follows bars cut earlier to specified lengths, to slow them and move them crosswise on a cooling surface for variable lengths of rolled bars to ensure that they are kept straight and are collected at the cooling surface end to the specified packs matched to the cold shear.


  • Highly durable and versatile structure
  • Correct cooling of bars after quenching
  • Simple construction
  • Automatic operation


  • Cooling bed length : 54 mm
  • Twin channel size : 55 m long
  • Mechanism : 300 mm above the straightening racks


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