Bearing Chocks


Often, while performing the rotation in machines you may face the frictions that reduce speed and performance of the machine and the linear movement. Solution to this problem is bearing. It’s a device that is generally used to multiply the performance of rotations. You can get it from a reliable supplier, Harjot International.

Roll the device with bearing chokes

Basically, bearings are used to support the predominantly axial load in paper mills, sugar mills, TMT plants, Rolling Mills, Floor mills, and Cement plants. When you use rotational machines many times the rolling part gets friction and after a number of applications may stop or reduces its speed.

We attach bearing chokes at the rotational part that helps to regain the rotational energy and smooth out the process. We at Harjot International provide the complete size range, versatile and accurate designs complementing easy lubrication and high strength.

Harjot International is leading manufacturers of Bearing Chocks for the steel rolling mills, roller flour mills and other various milling industries, bearing chock is the one of the most important part of modern rolling mills and they have the main influence on the tools of every rolling mill, bearing chocks are installed in between window of rolling mill stands these chocks directly keep the rolls in place, The middle axis of every chock is the base of the overall geometry, all relevant surfaces have to be adjusted to this axis, bearing chocks are ideal for anti-friction roller bearings.

Bearing chock is an essential component to the fixed bearing, it is the major unit for the weight support and rolling bearing. It works continuously under the circumstance of low speed and heavy duty. It is essential to have excellent components. The bearing chock can keep stable and effective and long time service through the practice of evaluation.

Bearing Chocks Features

  • Complete size range
  • Accurate design with fine machining
  • Easy Lubrication
  • Versatile design and easy structure
  • Supreme quality, duly machined and grounded
  • High strength


  • Material : En-8, cast and forged

Bearing Chocks Applications:

  • Bearing Chocks for Paper Mills
  • Bearing Chocks for Sugar Mills
  • Bearing Chocks for TMT Plants
  • Bearing Chocks for Rolling Mills
  • Bearing Chocks for Floor Mills
  • Bearing Chocks for Cement Plants

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