Billet Ejectors

Billet Ejectors has main application in ejecting billets or ingots from the re-heating furnace to the rolling mill. It has a mill housing structure with a dynamic frame for front and side movement to discharge hot material. The machine comprises of heavy stands, rollers, a cooling device, cross traveling wheels, gearbox and pushers. It is driven by a motor with telescopic universal spindles, pinch roll, a carriage for cross movement and roller supports for pusher bar.

We design and supply discharge ejector for reheating furnaces in rolling mills. They are coupled with electro-mechanical drive and are user-friendly.

Billet Ejectors Features

  • Mechanical Type
  • Most efficient
  • Works Horizontally
  • Easy Maintenance

Billet Ejectors Specification

  • Three Point Pushing Effect
  • Heat Resistant Ejecting Billet
  • Double Row Spherical Roller Bearing
  • Power Transmission through Chain Drive
  • M.S. Fabricated
  • Cost Effective


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