Chain transfer systems are installed at the side of run out roller table after the cold shear. The first chain group cuts the run out roller table after the cold shear. The cut bar lot in the system got a run-out roller table where the chain set lifts. The chain moves across the rolling line and shifts the cut bar extensive to the set distance of the chain transfers. The middle chain runs at extreme speed to spread bar for eliminating the random length and third chain for manual bundling.

The chain systems that are used in different material handling applications such as in cement, sugar, fertilizer, metal textiles and other heavy industries.

Wear is a nominal duel to the small count of moving components. The system has the ability to negotiate curves necessitates only a few drive motors, to maintenance and energy costs are nominal.


  1. Almost noise free
  2. Transmission efficiency loss
  3. Long service life
  4. Simple structure
  5. Robust chain


  • Chain width: 27 mm
  • Capacity : 130 kg


  • In cold and hot conditions
  • Transfer chain in stainless steel or aluminum
  • Insensitive to oil and dirt

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