DC drives are common in industries like metals, mining and printing. It is usually an important task that needs machinery to be taken out of service for an increased while mechanical and electrical rework is required.

Our DC drive stands are well built and capable of offering prolong service to help reduce the project costs and minimize risks. They deliver reliability.

The drive components for stands are rested for the reproducibility of required properties on stand. The standards are available for numerous areas. So, whether it is an automotive, roller, gearbox, motor or power, special stands are  fit for the process.


  • Adaptable closed-loop system for highest torque quality
  • Energy recovered for braking without risky current harmonics
  • High dynamic responses
  • Automatic coupling for long term data retention
  • Military requirements like regulators of aircraft carburettor gear boxes for tanks
  • Stands for electric tools, components, like power screwdrivers, saws, voltage and frequency variable testing of chocks and inductors

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