End cutting shearing machines are used in hot steel rolling mill plants for cutting of end of an angle. The treated curving edge can be cut the square roller from the top and bottom together. A straight line can be but by the linear gauge from the top and bottom together with fine shine and smoothness. These machines are installed near the roughening stand and used on oval or finishing stand.

Our end cutting shearing machine features advanced technology for maximum productivity. It cuts to desired length and trims front & rear end. The shears cut section size ranging from 160 to 600mm and square. Depending on customer’s requirements, Penumatic and mechanical clutches are also provided on this machine.


  • Hot and cold shear
  • Main gears are made from proven EN steels
  • Fixed and portable device
  • Clutch or without clutch available


  • Made from steel
  • Capacity varies to cut round or square edges to 75 mm
  • Cut the ends and sizes of all sections and fit near the cooling bed
  • Clutch is available to stop or run the device
  • Two gears are available even four gears can also be provided upon request
  • Capacity – 1 inch to 6 inch

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