E. O. T. Cranes


E.O.T cranes are also called bridge crane, are a type of crane made for use in industrial environments. Each crane consists of parallel runways with a traveling bridge filling the gap. A lifting component of a crane runs along the bridge.

E.O.T Cranes are quite imperative for the industrial environment. For high-speed operations, easy replacements of tattered components and many other purposes that arise without intimation on the production site, bridge cranes are vital. Harjot International vouches for the best E.O.T Cranes to boost your production efficiency and overall productivity with its speedy operations.

The best E.O.T Cranes by Harjot International

In manufacturing plants, Cranes are pre-requisites and useful for varied purposes. We offer a complete range of cranes that range from 200kg – 50,000kg.

The electric cranes offered by us are heavily demanded in several industries for lifting application, material handling, drive solutions for heavy light duty processes and many other solutions it provides.

We are well known for service excellence and our wide range of network spreads across the whole of India. Our range of cranes bestows shock-free experience of handling loads and completely flexible to fit the situation’s needs. The biggest relief is, it doesn’t require consistent maintenance, so you will save on maintenance portion too.


  • Unique Design
  • Box Type Structure for Bridge Girders.
  • Bearing Housing for skid free bearings.
  • End carriages are made with L.T. wheels machined from Forged EN-8 Steel.
  • Light weight, simple structure and High efficiency.


  • Hot & Cold Steel Rolling Mills
  • Heavy Steel Melting Units
  • Automobile Industries
  • Sugar and Paper Mills
  • Heavy Engineering Units, Marine workshops and Heavy Ships.


  • Load carrying capacity: 0.5 mt. to 50 mt.
  • length of Span: 3 meter to 40 meter
  • Variable Hoist Speed according to lifting of load.
  • Fully electrically Controlled
  • Both Cabin operated and Pendant operated Remote Control.

E.O.T cranes are offered with excellent flexibility for precise positioning and shock-free handling of loads. The machine contains a minimum count of maintenance components. Additionally, it is made very easy to remove and replace the worn components. The cranes are designed for high-speed operations to provide high productivity and decrease loses and hence increase efficiency.

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