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Flying shear is installed between a cooling box and cooling bed. The unit moves on frictionless linear motion guides. For shearing the strip, the line continues moving. The unit speeds up, matching the line speed and cuts the length accurately. So the main production process is not halted and the machine productivity is maximized.

Shearing is performed by hydraulic cylinder. Cylinder strokes are adjustable. For the maximum length accuracy, speed and length measurement is performed by Encoder of high PPR. The machined is manufactured by using high grade raw material and advanced technology.

The shearing machine guarantees efficient operation and is popular for its outstanding quality. It is easy to install and maintain. The machine is widely used in Hot rolling mill after TMT. It is widely known for cutting/shearing the heavy metal bars. It cuts the material of different sizes in different lengths.


Cut the TMT bar at temperature 500oC and beyond to the desired lengths automatically through sensing device and PLC, drive through DC motor or AC.


  • Decreases power consumption on regular basis and produce payback
  • Prevent separating of casing parting surfaces on load during cutting
  • Prevents overlap of erroneous blade
  • Robust structure
  • Outstanding performance
  • Boosts production
  • Easy maintenance
  • Damage resistant


  • Strip thickness : 0.5 mm – 4 mm
  • Strip width : 500 mm – 1250 mm
  • Line speed : Up to 70 MPM
  • Cutting capacity – 8mm to 32mm

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