Flying Shear Machine

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For efficient operations, flying shear machine is an utmost requirement. It can let your production process go creamy without any interruption. Harjot International is a credible name in the field of machines.

How flying shear machine can help you?

Flying shear machine commonly pronounced as the flying knife is basically used to cut the product continually on the pre-set length at the speed of the line. These are quite common and useful in industries where without affecting the production process, products can be cut and hence the overall machine productivity can be enhanced. Isn’t it amazing?

Hydraulic cylinder works behind this cutting. The encoder of high PPR performs the functions of measuring proper length, speed, check length accuracy and all, and let it complete the work quickly and accurately.

This machine gives wondrous outcomes, only if it has been made up of quality material and latest technology. And, this is what we vouch for. Our outstanding quality makes all the operations efficient and cuts heavy metal bars. Our machines cut metals in several lengths and sizes as per the requirements set by users.

Flying Shear Machine Applications

  • Cut the TMT bar at temperature 500oC and beyond to the desired lengths automatically through sensing device and PLC, drive through DC motor or AC.

Flying shear Features

  • Low power consumption on regular basis and produce a payback
  • Robust structure
  • Outstanding performance
  • Easy maintenance
Flying shear Specification
  • Line speed: Up to 30 MPM
  • Cutting capacity – 8mm to 32mm
  • Hardened and ground gear, Silent in Meshing
  • Built-in Lubrication
  • Best in class electrical system

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