Hot Billet Shear Machine


Do you face high costing while cutting hot billets in your steel plant? We, Harjot International, bring the easy solution to this problem. Hot billet shear machine runs on low cost and brings down the cost of Oxygen Gas, LPG gas and also labor cost.

How does billet shear machine help in steel plants?

This machine is specially designed to cut the hot billets and at a faster speed for accurate shearing. It gives high dimensional accuracy. The basic use of this machine is to cut the different size of billets, blooms, and slabs. It provides a sturdy performance. It’s basically installed in the rolling machine.

Our Machine is in smooth working and high demand for the optimum performance. We present the cutting capacity from 50mm to 300 mm. We afford the body fabricated from mild steel. Gears are made from Forged En-8. So we at Harjot International endow with the excellent cutting features for steel plants.

The machine is fit for uninterrupted casting unit for 4 x 7 and 6 x 11 radius. It helps you save oxygen gas LPG gas and 500 Gr. A material Cutting loss in one shear. When regular casting to begin then the machine will cut the material on fixed size as specified by the mechanical striker. The machine is wheel mounted and travels along with the moving billet. The cut is diagonal and thus no increase in billet size. Ranging from 300 to 100mm billets, the billet length from 1 mt to 6 mts auto cutting. The machine is fit for cutting stainless steel, alloy steel, carbon steel and mild steel.

Billet shearing machine is made as per the latest engineering standards used in the industry. They are made available in complete automatic function to control the overall operational costs.


  • Capacity – 2 inch to 8 inch
  • Hydraulic Cylinder – internal dia 200 to 400 mm
  • Power Pack 20hp – 60hp
  • Cutting of pieces per minute – 2 to 6


  • Silent & Smooth Cutting
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Semi & Fully Automatic Design
  • Used online in front of CCM


  • Cutting length hot billet
  • Cutting blooms and billets


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