Pinch rolls are the necessary component of hot strip steel mills. The inherent lubrication feature of the graphitic constituent with the natural resistance to adhesion of unlike metals, is the foundation of the pickup resistance of the material. The pickup resistance of the material eliminates the rejection of coils because of poor surface quality that is attributable to adhered debris on the pinch roll working surface.

The wear resistance allows extended campaign lengths and even and specific wear across every campaign that the pinch roll is in use. Our pinch rolls also need less stock elimination during regrinding, increasing the stock available throughout the whole life cycle of the pinch roll.

Pinch rolls are engineered for suitable performance and added solution to the challenging requirements of the hot steel strip coiling application. Pinch rolls are centrifugally cast, thick walled piece with a specific composition to meet the application criteria.

The function of Pinch rolls is to push the material in a specific direction. It prevents any physical alteration in the material and move the material over the required distance. It is configured in the different zones of a rolling mill like between the roughening mill and intermediate mill.


  • Deliver optimal performance
  • Perfectly match the demands of hot steel strip coiling application
  • Top and bottom rolls supplied as assembly consisting of shafts, hubs, sleeve and other related hardware
  • Wear resistant surface
  • Spindle to adjust bottom pinch roll
  • Penumatic cylinder for raising or lowering the upper rocker arm


  • Driven by: AC or dC motor
  • Gear Box: 2 Hi gear box
  • Speed : 5 MPM to 100 MPM
  • Coil weight : CR and HR coils or sheets
  • Coil width : 100 mm to 2000 mm
  • Thickness: 0.5 mm to 20 mm

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