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  • Housing : Steel Fabricated
  • Gear Material : Forged and forged blank EN-9, EN-19, EN-24 Steel
  • Gear Type : Spur, Single & Double Helical Gears upto 2500mm Dia
  • Normal Input Load RangeFrom 200 H.P. upto 2000 H.P. Drives
  • Maximum Peak Load : 6000 H.P.
  • Size Range : 150mm PCD upto 750mm PCD
  • Speed : 50 RPM to 1500 RPM
  • Shafts Material : Forged Class-IV
  • Anchor / foundation bolts : Carbon Steel

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  • Heavy duty and sturdy design of gear box and gears which is suitable to bear overloads
  • Complete structure of Gear Box is MIG Welded which is tested by non-destructive weld testing
  • Complete casing / housing / structure of the Gear Box is Stress relieved and fully aligned
  • Casing / housing / structure of the Gear Box is horizontal split type
  • All Gears are Ultrasonic Tested, duly hardened ground
  • Rated torque, rated speed, torsional stiffness, and backlash are some of the points considered while designing a gear box
  • All Pitches of the gears are precisely checked and trialed
  • Genuine and Branded Heavy Duty Antifriction Spherical Roller Bearings are installed after thorough calculation
  • Double Oil Seals complete with Internal & External Pipeline for lubrication of Gears & Bearings is provided
  • Forced cooling arrangement / duplex type with inter locking system is provided
  • Inspection window at various levels is provided for proper viewing of gears inside the gear box
  • Flow indicator, temperature indicator and proper interlocking with mill is done
  • Vent Pipes are provided for release of heat and oil from inside the Gear Box
  • 72 Hour Non-stop trial of gear box is done on various speeds before dispatch
  • Vibration, voice and lapping levels are thoroughly checked on trial before dispatch


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