Mechanical Pusher


Harjot international is a reputed name amidst mechanical pusher manufacturers. You will get efficient and reliable pushers made out of standard material from us, vouching for efficiency and effectiveness.

Application of mechanical pusher

Basically, the mechanical pusher is used in feeding the material in reheating furnace. Besides this, it is used to lift the heavy automobiles. In the rolling mill, it is configured in the back. Its application is in several sorts of industries, including automobiles, ceramic, pump industries etc.

Before the final launch, our engineers inspect it with controlling techniques and check the functionality based on several parameters. Hence, provide you with a flawless range of pushers.


  • Unique & Compact design
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Versatility to use
  • Suitable for Single Line as well as double line furnance


  • Suitable for 2 Mt/hr. to 75 Mt/hr.
  • EN – 8 Steel Screw
  • High Quality Bronze Bush for Center Screw
  • Imported Bearing to rush the Shaft
  • High tensile grinding rods to keep the pusher in straight line


  • Hot Steel Rolling Mills
  • Annealing Furnace

Additionally, our pushers are well known for their reliability and efficiency. Our pushers are rigid in construction and all moving components are made from suitable and standard material for more production.

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