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Reduction GearBox, ReductionGear Box India

Being the leading names in industry Harjot International offers a wide assortment of Reduction GearBox. Manufactured using the finest quality material these come with rotating gears by which the motion and torque will be changed. You can now get them at very economical prices.

What is special about our Reduction GearBox?

Our Reduction GearBox comprises of high efficiency gearbox design with high torque and superior impact resistance which is primary requirement in different industry sectors. Our customers list includes some very big names that have a reputation in the market. We offer mainly two types of Reduction GearBox, worm and helical Reduction GearBox. The worm gearbox comes in U, V and O models size. In case, you worry about the money you have to pay in turn of our quality products, rest assure as our prices are the lowest in the market. We offer quality products at an exceptional cost.

Helical Geared Reduction Gear Box

In the main stream, Helical Geared Reduction Gear Boxes are utilized widely. This is one of the main product manufactured by Harjot International. Where it needs to reduce the RPM and to increase torque Helical Reduction Gear Boxes are utilized most commonly in Steel Rolling Mills.

The gear material utilized EN-9, EN-24, and High Carbon High chrome according to the requirements. The Reduction Gear Box body is fabricated from M.S. Plates and welded by MIG which flux free and spatter free. The Reduction Gear Boxes are in single stage and multi stage according to he need. These can run 4 RPM to 2000 RPM and can transmit 2 HP to 3000 HP.

Worm Gear Boxes are also utilized where small Horse Power to be transferred at very slow RPM. The worms are made from EN-24 material and Worm Gears made from Bronze metal/G Metal/Alloy Steel.


Double Stage Reduction Gear, Double Stage Reduction GearBox IndiaDouble Stage Reduction Gear, Double Stage Reduction Gear India

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