Reduction Gearbox

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Normal worm Gear Box in ‘U’ ‘V’ & ‘O’ models size : 2 to 10 inch centre
Adaptable Worm Gear Box 1.625 to 3 inch C.D.
Horizontal  – 200 to 1000 mm
No. 100 to 110

Worm Gear
Worm – Case hardened alloy steel
Worm Wheel  – phosphor Bronze.
Gear Casing – Graded C.I. Casting.
Worms are generated on special purpose worm milling machines, hardened and ground to close tolerance.
Worm wheels are hobbed on precision hobbing machines with high accuracy hobs. Right hand thread are provided unless otherwise specified.

Double Stage Reduction Gear, Double Stage Reduction Gear IndiaDouble Stage Reduction Gear, Double Stage Reduction Gear India

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