Re-Heating Furnace

When you need a re-heating furnace with exceptional quality, rugged designs and durability, Harjot International has a solution. We offer you a product range which can be used to bring the raw material to the ambiance temperature you need. In the last few years, we have been supplying and exporting different types of fuel-efficient furnaces. You can get them with combustion equipments like oil recuperator, burners, blowers, hot air generators and air pollution control systems.

What makes Harjot International different?

When we say high quality, we really mean it. You will find the design and engineering of our re-heating furnace to be exclusive and worth. It has been done in a manner to minimize the use of your burning fuel, meanwhile providing you the most optimized and efficient production in the required time frame. We strive hard to provide you with a precision engineered range of high-quality re-heat furnace in a variety of designs.  Each of them has been fabricated using high quality raw material to assure extremely sturdy construction. You will benefit with high resistance to daily wear and tear, offering it a longer life. With greater durability and versatility, it has been used in various engineering related industries.


  • Pusher Type / Walking Hearth Type Reheating Furnace.
  • Top Fires & As Well As Bottom Fired Furnace.
  • Type Of Fuel : Natural Gas / Diesel / Furnace Oil / Coal / Producer Gas.
  • Side Discharge As Well As End Discharge.
  • Automatic Temperature & Combustion Control.


  • Recuperator For Waste Heat Utilization
  • Mechanical Or Hydraulic Biller Pusher With Power Pack.
  • Mechanical Or Hydraulic Billet Ejecting Equipment.
  • Burner / Blowers / Complete Combustion Equipment For Furnace.
  • Automatic Charging & Discharging Roller Conveyors.

We, therefore, want to let you know that we have a wide customer base globally and in India too. In India, we have customers in leading states of Haryana, Bihar, Gujarat, Uttarakhand and so on. Harjot International is a leading provider of such products and we are Reheating Furnace Suppliers, Reheating Furnace Exporters. Buy from us and see the difference. If you have been looking for the professional heavy duty machinery in India then we do have the best option for you.  Get ready for the huge manufacturing set up and look out for the professional help from our side. We will give you the best options via products and services. Just contact us for the same.

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