Roller Guide Box


We manufacture Roller  guide box in the high quality, advanced technology and latest machinery. Made in user-friendly design, easy installation and corrosion resistant construction material are made in automatic and manual models.

These guide boxes are offered with heavy duty taper roller bearing for larger sections. They are used for continuous rolling operation where the stock rolled is adequately twisted between every two consecutive mills. We manufacture guide box by using high quality raw material and the boxes are sold at economical prices. They are highly durable and work smoothly.

The roller boxes are provided with heavy duty taper roller bearing for larger sections. Simple design allows easy installation with smooth performance in different rolling conditions.

With torsionally rigid steel fabricated body, these are made of international quality steel forgings and are duly hardened and grounded. The gear box is highly efficient and is fitted with double oil seals on shaft extensions lubrication lines for the bearings and oil splash system.


  1. Outputs produced by using premium quality raw material
  2. Economical price
  3. Highly durable
  4. Smooth operation
  5. Simple and durable design
  6. Easy maintenance
  7. Complete accurate with fine machining
  8. Unmatched quality and duly machined and ground
  9. Versatile design, easy structure and customization to meet customer’s requirements
  10. Known for longer service life
  11. Resistant to aggressive working conditions


  • Size: Up to 26 inch rolling mills
  • Material: Forged steel



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