Speed Increaser Gearbox


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  • The bodies of the Speed Increaser Gear Boxes are accurately machined, totally enclosed, oil tight, having a sufficient lubrication system and dust proof.
  • The bodies are made from M.S. steel plates to cover the risk of any breakage.
  • The gears of Speed Increaser Gear Box are made of EN- Series Forged Steel for Gear Material as per customer’s Requirements.
  • The gears are made with D.P. and module formula with single or double helical teeth.
  • The Speed Increaser Gear Box is manufactured for as per Rolling Mill & Other Industry’s Requirement.
  • Imported bearings are used and the oil seals are provided to protect the oil leakage.
  • All Parts are checked during and after manufacturing. A trial is carried out to verify smooth operation.

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