Speed Increaser Gearbox


You can now get then best range of speed increaser gearbox at Harjot International. With the support of our professionals and sophisticated in-house facilities, we serve you with an array of gearbox. While these products are precisely manufactured, these are made using the highest quality raw material and progressive technology. Plus, these are checked on well-defined parameters of quality.

What sets our speed increaser gearboxes apart?

We can cater all your heavy industrial machinery requirements under one roof at pocket friendly prices. Our speed increaser gearbox improves machine productivity. There are a lot of things that you will get in our gearboxes including MS steel body to cover the risk of any breakage, EN series forged steel gears, and completely enclosed oil tight body. The good thing about our speed increaser gearboxes is that they produce minimal noise during their operation and the credit of this goes to the hardened and ground steel gears. Also, we do regular inspection of our products to make sure that our customers don’t have to face any difficulty.

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  • The bodies of the Speed Increaser Gear Boxes are accurately machined, totally enclosed, oil tight, having a sufficient lubrication system and dust proof.
  • The bodies are made from M.S. steel plates to cover the risk of any breakage.
  • The gears of Speed Increaser Gear Box are made of EN- Series Forged Steel for Gear Material as per customer’s Requirements.
  • The gears are made with D.P. and module formula with single or double helical teeth.
  • The Speed Increaser Gear Box is manufactured for as per Rolling Mill & Other Industry’s Requirement.
  • Imported bearings are used and the oil seals are provided to protect the oil leakage.
  • All Parts are checked during and after manufacturing. A trial is carried out to verify smooth operation.

Speed Increaser Gearbox

In the main stream, Speed Increaser Gearboxes are utilized widely. This is one of the main product manufactured by Harjot International. Where it needs to increase the RPM and to increase torque Helical Speed Increaser Gear Boxes are utilized most commonly in Steel Rolling Mills.
The gear material utilized EN-9, EN-24, and High Carbon High chrome according to the requirements. The Speed Increaser Gear Box body is fabricated from M.S. Plates and welded by MIG which flux free and spatter free. The Speed Increaser Gear Boxes are in single stage and multi stage according to he need. These can run 2000 RPM to 4 RPM and can transmit 3000 HP to 2 HP.

Speed Increaser Gear Boxes are also utilized where high Horse Power to be transferred at very high RPM. The worms are made from EN-24 material and Speed Increaser Gears made from Bronze metal/G Metal/Alloy Steel.

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