The high precision components to properly regulate high speed operation while eliminating the contaminants, and precisely cut and use grooves for heat dissipation. Spindles with grooves are designed and precision manufactured to deliver excellent results without affecting service life of the component.

The spindles can be used in high speed in the challenging environments without increasing the power requirements. The high speed spindles can be fit for machines that need to fit within specific requirements and they can perform similar to even their heavy duty counterparts.


  • High speed
  • Reliability
  • Optimization
  • Lower maintenance
  • Reliable results

We, Harjot International are leading in the field of Spindles With Grooves Manufacturers And Suppliers India. We all know that steel cannot be used in the raw form and this it would be required to roll or shape or process. For that you would need heavy industrial equipments and yes, we can help you with all that. We provide you the plants that are:

  • corrosion resistant
  • best in performance
  • robust in making other heavy equipments
  • best quality

If you have been looking for then choose us. We are pioneers in this field. We are leading exporters of these kinds of heavy machinery and engineering works. We have products that are perfect for your plant manufacturing needs. We make robust and strong products so that you won’t feel anything like letting down yourself.

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