Tail breaker is configured following the flying shear and before the cooling bed to decrease the velocity of TMT bars. It operates through AC and DC variable drives. The rolls are separated by pneumatic cylinder. It includes steel body, pneumatic cylinder, top and bottom arms and rolls.

We are leading manufacturer of Tail Breaker that is made from high quality raw material and advanced technology. Tail breaker offers excellent performance and durable nature. It is available at economical price.


  • Cantilever and pneumatic type tail breaker up to 360 MM CRS
  • Durable structure
  • Long service


  • Material: Graded cast iron
  • Size: 205mm to 355 mm
  • Chocks and Bearing : Steel Chock is installed in tail breaker with spherical roller bearing
  • Shaft : welding with cardon shaft
  • Gear box: forged steel single helical gears with all accessories
  • Operation : Pneumatic cylinder by DC or AC drive

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