TMT rolling mill plants are made fully automatic or manual that as per customer specifications. The plant has a high speed and produces  8mm to 40 mm TMT bars. The bars have excellent production guiding, cutting, cooling, coiling and have application in handling equipment.

Construction of steel bar for use in reninforcing concrete and masony structures. It is manufactured from mild steel and  is provided ribs for better frictional adhesion to the concrete. The bar is made from an iron rod, a welding plain reinforcing steel bar and can also be used for steel mesh production.

The heavy duty TMT plants produce a wide range of products : Beams, channels, angles, rails, special sections and parallel flange beam and columns. The system completes with cooling bed, straightening machine and finishing line.

The plant has an annual capacity of producing several thousands MT of TMT bars and producing them by using the Thermex technology for quick water cooling.


Civil construction


  • Diameter : 6mm to 50 mm
  • Length : 6 m to 15 m, U shape
  • Material Grade : ASTM A615 grade 40, 60, 75, ASTM A 706
  • Surface finishing : Deformed, epoxy coating, galvanized coating
  • Production capacity: 1000 MT

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