TMT Rolling Mill Plant


TMT rolling mill plants are used to manufacture TMT Rebars. These plants are differentiated in terms of their production per hour or a day or per annum. The bars have excellent production guiding, cutting, cooling, coiling and have application in handling equipment. For small production usually, manual setup is used. For medium production semi-automatic set up is utilized. For 100 Ton per Day or above fully automatic system is preferred.

For the production of TMT, usually, M. S. Ingot/Billet is used as a raw material. It is made to pass through Reheating Furnace to reach up to 1100 degree Celsius temperature. Then made to pass through various rolls to get in the shape of TMT Bar. After finishing the size made to pass through a quenching Box where it gets desired hardness. Then cut to length and bundled for dispatch.


Material: M. S. Casting, M.S. Fabricated, S.G. Iron Casting, C.I. Casting
Roll Material: Adamite, S.G. Iron, DPCC, DPIC, EN-8, EN-9, EN-42 etc.
Gear Material: EN-9, EN-19, EN-24,353, HCHCR etc.
Bearings: SKF, FAG,URB,DYZV etc.
Electric Accessories: Siemens,Parker


  • Diameter: 6mm to 40 mm
  • Material Grade: Fe415, Fe450, Fe500, Fe550, Fe650
  • Design: Simple, Compact & Durable
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Production capacity: 7000 MT to 1,80,000 MT per annum


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