Twin Channel

Twin Channel, Twin Channel Africa

Twin channel machine is installed along the side of entrance of the cooling bed. It comprises of alternative opening flaps through a hydraulic cylinder and CAM systems. The bars enters the closed flap and falls on the straightening rake type cooling bed that moves on the fixed and moving rake to the mill.

The channels are closed to ensure the complete safety of operator. It is an outstanding system because the bar is handled in a close channel, preventing any risk of accident. It is a highly demanded feature in the high speed rolling system.

Special design configuration of the twin channels makes feasible to operate in combination with braking pinch rolls, reducing the length of run-in.

The twin channel is the proven solution for bar handling at cooling bed at high speeds. It is an excellent system for heavy duty rolling mills.


  • Twin water cooled C-type channels with water cooling C type channels with water quenching system
  • Support for the twin channel and drive equipments
  • Cam system to open and close the pipes
  • Hydraulic drive for cam operation
  • It minimizes human involvement in hazardous zone of the mill


  • Use in rolling mill plants
  • High speed handling of bars at cooling beds
  • Use in heavy production mill


  • Bar Size: Up to 40 mm in diameter
  • Maximum speed : 25 meters per second

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