Universal Spindles


The universal spindles transmit the required torque at the shaft axes in the rolling mills and other machines. Spindles are made in modern typical designs and materials for regular and reliable operation of driving transmissions. The rolling mill spindle consists of an intermediate spindle with two coupling assemblies of different types. The spindles with fix or intermediate shaft can transmitting very high torques with working angles of value up to 3 degree.

Spindles are manufactured by using state-of-art precision equipments for rolling mills and heavy machines. They are used for unidirection or reversible drives of stands for rolling steel and other metallic materials.


  1. Increases joint twist angle
  2. Enhances drive dynamic performance
  3. Increases drive operation life
  4. Noise-free function
  5. High performance


  • Power transmission
  • Rolling mills
  • Pipe Straighteners
  • Steel mills
  • Tube mill
  • Continuous casting machinery
  • Paper machines
  • Bridge cranes
  • Steckel mill
  • Roller conveyor
  • Rotating furnace
  • Mining machinery


  • Construction material: Forged steel EN-8 or EN-9
  • Outer dia: 5 inch
  • Height: 6 inch
  • Designed spindle shaft to replace 6 pt. star


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