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Coal Pulverizer Machines by Harjot International

In the production of the world’s best Coal Pulverizer Machines, we are unbeatable.Our machines are exported internationally and are widely renowned for their superior quality.

We manufacture a wide range of Coal Pulverizer Machines. You can be assured of the durability and high performance of our product. Being a certified brand name for decades, we have emerged out as one of the leading suppliers of these machines.

Harjot International makes use of the latest technologies for the manufacturing of these machines. These machines are available in various sizes ranges. You can also order a machine of a capacity you demand.The quality of our products and our service is incomparable. We always ensure to deliver you the best we can. We offer you the best services in return for a very nominal price. We are leading Coal Pulveriser Machine Manufacturers and our products are sturdy and strong. Also, they are corrosion-free and durable.We have been popular with our service.

Experience The World Of Premium Machinery!

Leading Coal Pulverizer Machine Manufacturers in India

We do support our clients till installation and also for service. So, rather than settling down for something that would be compromised you must opt for us. We know that our quality of work is the best.

  • Size range in 20″ to 60″
  • Capacity 100Kg per Hour to 3000Kg per Hour
  • An adequate supply of powdered coal to Furnace by means of controlled speed warm feeder
  • Storage tank us built with Moisture-free and Non-Sticking Technology

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