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Why you should rely on Harjot International for coilers Suppliers?

Looking for heavy, fast and efficient coilers? Then you are at right place. Harjot International is here to meet all your expectations of having firm coilers in the least prices.

We manufacture coilers in two designs, a double station, and a single station. Coilers are offered with or without traverse depending on their ultimate application.

Our coiler  consume the least energy and deliver unsurpassed performance. Its quite easy to use and the ultimate user can use it without any guide or instructor.Finding the right & reliable coiler manufacturers is no more feat, but not for you of course. We provide you the best solution for all your technical demands. The quality control checks make our product, number one in the global market.Our dexterous team is here to prepare coilers corresponding to end-user requirements. Coilers are available in single or double station designs. When double coiling stations are offered, the operator switches the stations from full coiling to partial coiling. Coilers are supplied with traverse mechanism for layering extrudate side by side on an extreme reel or without traverse for strip winding applications.

Experience The World Of Premium Machinery!

Leading Coilers Manufacturers in India

We don’t mind delivering you anywhere in India. We are also leading exporters of the same. Whether it is Goa or Gujarat or Haryana, we are there for you and we know that we would bring things under control.

  • Stripe 0.5mm thickness to 10mm thickness
  • Wire 3mm to 32mm
  • Coil weight up to 5MT
  • Unique design

Coiler Lestest 02, Steel Rolling Plant