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Why do you require a cold shear machine and how is it useful?

Having the vast industry experience, Harjot International is serving the customers with preeminent cold shear machines.

You can get here all kinds of cold shear machines. Go through the reasons for opting for the cold shear machine and Harjot International. Cold shearing machines are useful in cutting particular products in specified lengths only. Whatever length you have decided, you can get your rounds, bars, or any alike material cut from it easily. The spherical roller bearings help the machines in cutting the material smoothly.

The cold shearing designed in concrete permits size variations of concrete. It also halts the cracks in the flooring and roads that might emerge in the future. But with its usage, their emergence is negligible. Plus, with it, one can successfully put a full stop on cracks in concrete that might emerge otherwise.For this, you can rely on us inevitably. Our machines are prevalent for the long unbeatable service and exquisite performance. We prepare the machines after taking all user requirements into consideration.

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Leading Cold Shear Machine Manufacturers in India

Our Cold shearing machines are widely renowned in the market for their remarkable performance and long service. They are equipped with heavy duty spherical roller bearings.

  • Manual and Automatic operation
  • The tailor-made suit as per customer requirement
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Easy operatable
  • Compact Design
  • Low power consumption

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