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Why is our Hydraulic Pusher the best?

We are a leading Hydraulic pusher manufacturer in India.

These machines are built at our high-tech manufacturing plant under the strict supervision of our skilled specialists and in compliance with industry requirements.

They are commonly found in repair and maintenance shops, mines and steel mills, shipyards, and factories, among other places. These hydraulic pushers have prolonged service lifetimes and provide a safe option for automobiles. Furthermore, they are noted for their dependability and efficiency and are built to push automobiles, buses, and heavy equipment. The hydraulic pusher’s job is to push the warmed slabs into the heating furnace and to the prescribed place at the heating furnace’s discharging end.We are the most trusted Hydraulic pusher supplier in Punjab. To match your demands, our pushers are custom-designed for each application to accept your shaft end with complete pull-up stroke capacity.

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Leading Hydraulic Pusher Manufacturers in India

They are constructed of hardened alloy steel. The pushers are delivered fully constructed, complete with all seals and fittings to match your installation equipment, and pressure tested to assure no leaks during installation.

This approach maximizes productivity by converting hydraulic force into the thrust of powered head force on scrap in an induction furnace. This device moves in a transverse pitch motion as well as rotation along the vertical axis, aiding the operator while managing scrap and pushing the furnace. The device's length allows the operator to stand away from the furnace's door, keeping him safe from the heat, fumes, and splattering of the molten metal.

Hydraulic Pusher Image 02, Steel Rolling Plant