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Why ought you to decide on a Slag Crusher Plant?

If you are dealing with the creation line and need an extreme answer for reusing the slag, then, at that point, contact Harjot International and get a Slag Crusher Plant from us. We are known for quality items and dependable exchanges. Managing uncrushable material is not a challenge for you, simply rely on us.

Slag is typically handled as waste, in this way, it’s an undeniable inquiry for what reason would it be a good idea for one to buy a slag crusher plant. Indeed, by having it, you can produce surprising incomes. Considering how? Give your consideration underneath.

It tends to be utilised to crumble refractories, stone, and some other hard materials. You can also recuperate metal with business esteem and can accomplish worthwhile profit from this material which in any case was only a loss for you.

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Popular Slag Crusher Plant Manufacturers in India

Harjot International gives you the best quality slag crusher plant, sticking to quality guidelines and end prerequisites. Slag can be effortlessly reused by utilising it. Your creation line needs to address the ordinary difficulties of slag reusing.

  • Quality magnets that need no upkeep are utilized in hardware
  • Iron toxins can be consequently isolated by the machine

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Working of a Slag Crusher Point

We are giving machines like slag crusher to different businesses. To begin, the slag crusher incorporates a solitary roller crusher and one attractive separator machine. The below-given slag crusher plant is fully automatic to fulfill your business needs.

Hopper & Vibrating Feeder

By Vibrating Feeder the huge measure of slag will be taken care of equally and persistently into the crusher. Vibrating Feeder has its predominance, straighter vibration, dependable activity, long-life execution, The vibrating power can be changed and the motion can be arbitrarily different and controlled. It is exceptionally advantageous to control. The vibrating engine is the wellspring of the vibration. The highlights of the vibrating engine are low clamor, low power utilization, great execution. The vibrating Feeder is basic in structure, solid inactivity, light in weight, helpful in change, little in size, and low support.

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Jaw Crusher

Jaw Crusher is fundamentally utilized for squashing a major measure of slag. At the point when the material is taken care of into the Jaw Crusher, the rock-solid solidified jaw pounds the enormous measure of slag in medium size which then, at that point, goes to the second step. Depending on the hardness of slag (for example Curve heater slag, Induction heater slag) Jaw Crusher is likewise involved by different enterprises for pulverizing coal, stone, hard coke, refectory, ferromanganese, iron mineral, and so on.

Two types of Jaw Crusher are used for crushing.
  • Single Toggle Jaw Crusher
  • Double Toggle Jaw Crusher

Over Band Suspended Magnet

We use this type of magnetic separator among the belt conveyor that takes place from the feeder to the jaw crusher and from the jaw crusher to the roller crusher. The magnet plays an essential role in the slag crushing plant. The band magnetic separator can collect the heavy content from the belt conveyor before supplying it to the jaw crusher, and the roller crusher can improve the life of the jaw crusher & roller crusher. It can also weaken the wear and tear of the jaw crusher & roller crusher.

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The band magnetic separator made by us is accessible via two variations.
  • The first type is the Permanent magnetic type suspended magnet.
  • The second type is the Electromagnetic type suspended magnet.

Depending on the hardness of the slag, diverse corporations also used the jaw crusher for the crushing of refractory, stone, hard coke, coal, iron ore, manganese, and more.

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Roller Crusher

It’s a crusher that is used for the crushing of the slag. This is the next step that you need to take after you use the jaw crusher. The material is poured inside the jaw crusher to roller crusher by using the belt conveyor. The heavy-duty beater that’s placed inside the roller crusher breaks the slag. Now with the impact of it, the slag crushes into the size of 6mm to 12 mm. Roller crusher that is designed by BMPL is the best design you can avail right now. This is fitted with heavy-duty bearing and steel casting bearing housing. The heavy, robust body that comes with manganese inner lining and adjustable weight will absorb the hard strokes available inside the machine. The roller crusher can further crush the coil, stone, iron ore, and more. You can also use the jaw crusher in industries for purposes that will involve hard coke, refectory, ferromanganese, iron ore, stone, and more.

Vibrating Screen

The roller crusher will get a screening of it from the slag crusher during its crushed component process. Now it will go broken into two different parts. The crusher material will again go to the magnetic separator and the oversize material will come back to the roller crusher. Now the vibrating screen can also be used in diverse industries to show the diverse materials like coal, iron ore, stone, and more.

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The Vibrating Screen also has two models.
  • Unbalanced Motorised Vibrating Screen.
  • Eccentric Shaft Type Vibrating Screen

As per customer’s requirement

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Ms, Steel Rolling Plant

Magnetic Separator

The screen material will flow from the vibrating screen. It’s a mixture of slag and metal content that goes to the magnetic separator. This separator is a useful entity to separate the iron from nonmagnetic products in bulk quantity for the purifying of the end product. The purification is done as the metal has a commercial value to it and is profitable to sell it. The substance put inside from the vibrating screen to the magnetic separator, magnetic field attracts it and holds the iron molecules from revolving the shell & slag composition will fall freely from the shell. Now the iron particles are discharged commonly at the other end.

Ball Mill Drum

It’s a hexagon type of drum that can be used for the mixing, grinding, and polishing of diversified products. The metal content that is separated from the magnetic separator is not 100% pure metal, as slag content attached with the iron can be into it. With the help of the ball mill drum, you can get around 99 to 100% of purity in a metal. A heavy-duty ball that is put inside the drum will grind the iron content & remove the slag content from it. This slag content can come out of the outer shell of the ball mill drum and we left pure iron inside the drum. This can be collected afterwards.

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Belt Conveyor System

We accept these conveyors, as they are versatile and cheap. The product is put over the belt to transfer the small, large, and medium regular or irregular shaped objects with comfort. These types of belts are used for transferring the commodity, so the packaging part is done accurately and you can comfortably send it with the help of logistics services.