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We are the leading manufacturers and suppliers of The TMT Bar Bundling bending Machine. The machines offered by our company are technically advanced and robust in construction.

TMT bar bundle bending machine is widely used in construction fields. It has lots of advantages, not only its reasonable and affordable price but also because of its high-quality performance.

The Bar Bundle Bending Machine are available in various capacities according to the customer requirements. This machine applies constant pressure at regular intervals resulting in accurate bending which helps in keeping the bars intact which otherwise gets disturbed if done manually.

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Leading TMT Bar Bundle Bending Machine Manufacturers in India

We do support our clients till installation and also for service. So, rather than settling down for something that would be compromised you must opt for us. We know that our quality of work is the best.

TMT Bar Bundle Bending Machine is most suitable to bend a bundle of the bars and steel bars in wire rod steel plants.It has a smart control panel with which speed can be adjusted of the rotating disc according to the diameter of the bars. This machine is used by placing rebar between two cylindrical structures present on top of the disc and then starting the machine. These machine can bend TMT bars into different angles without breaking, according to the different needs. One can easily set the angles by simply moving pins into the requisite holes provided.

BAR BUNDLING MACHINE 02, Steel Rolling Plant