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Get twist pipes promising better performance and durability from the leading manufacturer, Harjot International. We offer a different approach by customizing these Twist Pipes as per latest practices in the industries to get the best result out of it.

During rolling , hot metal is Rolled in the sequence of Oval and Square . On way Rolling metal, when the Rolled Product is shaped OVAL , it needs to twist it in order to get the SQUARE shape in next pass. So there it used Twist Pipe to do that operation.

These are standard items. However We prepare it specifically for our clients’ requirements.

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Leading Twist Pipes Manufacturers in India

This machine is highly in demand because of its so many attributes such as cost effective rates, durability and stainless body.

  • Simple and Firm design
  • Easy to store and use
  • High durability and rigidity
  • Nominal maintenance required, Hence Longer life
  • Optimum functionality and Economical Price

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