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Leading Wire Straightening Machine Suppliers in India

Our company has come up as a reliable manufacturer and exporter of Wire Straightening Machine.

These Wire Straightening and Cutting Machines are widely used to straighten wire from coil form. These machines are offered sample features needed for various applications.

Some Machines are designed for straightening all types of cold wires and other nonferrous metal wires. They cut the wire in the required sizes and thereafter, work continuously and automatically.These machines are complied with three different processes such as feeding, straightening and cutting off.

These machines are available with various attributes such as:-

  • Different width size wires for straightening
  • Different cutting lengths
  • Standard multi-power motor for both straightening and cutting of wires.

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Leading Wire Straightening Machine Manufacturers in India

This machine is highly in demand because of its so many attributes such as cost effective rates, durability and stainless body.

The straightening can be done in two ways either by means of using killing rollers or by means of using the spinner arrangement. From this two techniques the killing rollers method is generally preferred when the length of the wire is long and the spinner system is preferred for short length wires.The removal of the curls from the wire enables the cutting head to cut the wire exactly to the Pre decided length.

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