Choosing Right Type of Reduction Gearbox

Reduction Gearbox, Steel Rolling Plant

Gearboxes are as simple as a gear train between the motor and the machinery, the reduction is achievable because the output gear has more teeth than the input gear, allowing the output gear to revolve more slowly, reducing the speed and boosting torque. A speed reducer can be used to adjust the input speed so that the output is the correct speed and torque. The reduction gearbox, also known as a torque multiplier or speed reducer, is used to slow down the motor’s output speed.

What exactly does that imply?

When a rotary device, such as an engine or an electric motor, requires a reduction in output speed and/or an increase in torque, gears are often used to achieve the desired outcome.

This guide will help you out in deciding on a reduction gearbox

  • The duty cycle and the speed.
  • Details about the applications.
  • The effects of shock and overload on the service factor.

What is the purpose of a Reduction Gearbox?

We’ll use the example of a ship with high-speed turbines to see why a gearbox is utilized in a particular system. Despite the fact that the appropriate operation of a propeller requires a relatively low rpm state, the steam turbine aboard a ship must run at a relatively high rpm range in order to be efficient.

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Variety of Reduction Gearbox

Such as-

  • Gearbox with a only single reduction

There is only one set of gears in this setup.The engine shaft and propeller shaft enter the unit through ports in the reduction gearbox.

  • Gearbox with two reductions

In circumstances where very high speeds are involved, double reduction gearboxes are typically used.The pinion is attached on the input shaft via a flexible coupling in this configuration.

  • Gearbox with magnetic reduction

By using magnetic attraction instead of physical contact between moving components, magnetic gear reducers or magnetic reduction gearboxes can effectively replace traditional gear reducers to ensure torque and speed control.

  • Gearbox having parallel shaft reduction

Multiple gear arrangements are frequently used in parallel shaft reduction gearboxes, resulting in increased system reduction.Each individual gear ratio from each gear segment is improved to determine the overall gear reduction ratio.

  • Gearbox with planetary reduction

The amount of teeth on the ring and sun ring gears affects the gear ratio in a planetary reduction gearbox, making it more difficult to evaluate.

  • Worm reduction gearbox having right-angle worm

The teeth on the mated worm wheel and the number of threads or”starts”on the worm determine the gear reduction ratio in a right-angle worm.


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