How Well Familiar Are You With Your Shearing Machine?

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Shearing Machine is an important and integral part of metal casting fabrication equipment. From tube mills to tiny fabricators, the shear is employed in almost every industry. The contemporary metal shear has superseded the saw as the machine of choice for high-volume metal cutting, ranging in size from tiny hand-held metal shears and foot-operated trim shears to elevated in-line flying cutoffs. 

Keep reading the article to know how to employ a Shearing Machine for high output and lowering maintenance costs.

Know Your Shearing Machine

It is critical to comprehend the machine’s operation, design, and performance. Overburdening it beyond the OEM’s specifications is the most common cause of shear failure. The function of shears is to cut metal that is of a specific thickness and breadth. When these limitations surpass, damage happens. 

Shearing Machine – Ensure That The Blade Is Positioned Correctly!

  • Proper installation of a shear blade help extend the blade and machine life.
  • The fact is, blade cutting clearances have an impact on the drive, cut quality, equipment, and ram. 
  • The blade seat should get examined for uniformity.
  • To avoid blade cracking during cutting, install the blade and the tooling properly.
  • There are metal jams between the blade and the machine. So if you keep clearances excessively tight, you will get poor results. The blades will shatter if there isn’t enough space. 
  • However, the opposite might also lead to some serious damage. When spacing widens, the blade behaves as a hammer and as a result, causes a sudden tear to the machine equipment. Hence, it is essential to ensure there is an optimum amount of clearances between the blade and the machine. 

Shearing Machine –  Ensure Proper Gib Space

Installing and maintaining adequate gib space extends the life of the tooling and improves machine uptime. The gibs keep the ram and associated equipment in appropriate alignment. Nonetheless, if you do not sustain the gaps, the same issue arises again just as they do when there is negligence in blade clearances. 

Shearing Machine – Detach The Machine And Equalize It

It is vital to elevate a shear and isolate it from disturbance for optimum functioning. 

Isolation pads, when chosen and installed correctly- 

  • May extend tooling life and shearing speed
  • Minimise vibration 
  • Extend substructure life 
  • Reduce noise and 
  • Avoid shear frame deformation

Many Shearing Machine Manufacturers in India suggest that levelling the isolators takes only half an hour with modern shearing equipment. The form of today’s sheer machines has flattened out, removing the spinning motion that can destroy a shear. 

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The different Shearing Machines that we deal in are- 

  • Flying shear machine
  • Rotary shear machine 
  • Cold sheer machine 
  • And so on!

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